Excellence in Theatre

The Lost Colony production tells the story of our country’s history, including the exploration of the New World and the creation of the first colony by England. The Lost Colony, which is known as the country’s longest-running outdoor symphonic outdoor drama, received a Tony Honor in June.

The American Theatre Wing presented the 2013 Tony Awards on June 9 in at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The production has been awarded the Tony Honor for Excellence in Theatre, and it is awarded to individuals or organizations who have contributed to theater in America but who are not qualified to receive a normal Tony award. The Tony Honors were presented a day before the Tony Awards during a private reception. “The Lost Colony” performance is the only theatrical production located in North Carolina that has been awarded an honor like this.

The Lost Colony play premiered in 1937 in Manteo, and the play continues to be in production every summer. It started with one of the New Deal programs that were created by President Franklin Roosevelt. The play is produced by the Roanoke Island Historical Association. The production takes place at the Waterside Theatre in Manteo, and more than four million visitors have seen the performance. The 76th season of the performance will take place this summer. This year, the performance will be from May 31 to August 23 and is a must see for visitors enjoying their Outer Banks vacations.

The History of the Lost Colony

In the late 16th century, Sir Walter Raleigh became the leader of England’s expedition in the New World. Raleigh financed an expedition to the New World to establish land for England. Captains Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe traveled to the New World to find a location for England’s colony. England chose Roanoke Island to be its primary New World colony. Queen Elizabeth gave Raleigh a patent for lands.

The first group of colonists arrived in 1585. Scientist Thomas Hariot, who created the first science lab of the New World, and artist John White, who created maps and drawings of the Indians and the new colony, were among the colonists. The colony was abandoned a year later due to reasons such as conflict and a lack of enough supplies. Another group of colonists arrived in 1587, and about 115 English settlers were in Roanoke Island. In the same year, the first English baby to be born in the New World, Virginia Dare, was born. White, who became the governor of the colony, returned to England. Although White wanted to come back to Roanoke after he collected more supplies, England and Spain were at war. Therefore, he could not return yet. When White returned to Roanoke in 1590, he realized the colony disappeared. White only found a carving that said “Croatoan.” He tried to find the colony, and theories have been created about what happened. Investigations have continued to take place, but the colony’s disappearance remains a mystery.

Fun ‘N Sun Program

Atlantic Realty’s Fun ‘N Sun program includes a complimentary adult admission per day to the Roanoke Island Festival Park. This offer is available from March 1 to December 31 of 2013. You do not have to make a reservation. In addition to visiting the Lost Colony on your OBX vacations, you can also see the Elizabeth II, a sailing ship, and exhibits on display at the Roanoke Island Festival Park. You do not want to miss the opportunity to learn about the history of the explorations of the Roanoke area and the Outer banks.